Modern Languages in St. Declan’s

March 7, 2023

Over the past few weeks our three 6th classes have been receiving Spanish lessons with Carolina Fernandez-Garcia (an experienced Post-Primary teacher) as part of the “Say Yes to Languages” Primary Sampler Module. We are
very grateful to Carolina for her work with the children and they are really enjoyed the experience. We had an assembly in the hall yesterday to say thanks to her. The three 6th classes were joined by the following Spanish pupils in our school-Pelayo from Room 21 and his brother Fionn from Room 26, Jaeda from Room 25 and her sister Thalia from Room 17, James from Room 24 and his sister Erin from Room 19, Sienna from Room 11 and her sister Maia from Room 16, Maximo from Room 25 and Maci from Room 16. Carolina practised different sentences with the children in Spanish and the children got the opportunity in pairs to speak the new phrases over the past 6 weeks. The children wre presented with certificates, pencils and stickers.  Enija and Anastasia from Room 3 presented Carolina with a bouquet of flowers and a voucher.

Muchas Gracias Carolina !!!