School Self Evaluation

St. Declan’s NS School Self Evaluation

PE 2018-2019

We identified PE as our next subject for SSE at a whole staff meeting in March 2018.  A questionnaire was distributed to all staff members and we iidentified the need for improvement in physical literacy throughout the school. A questionnaire was completed online by parents and we chose target groups to highlight our strengths and areas for improvement. We analaysed the results and co-ordinated the 15 fundamental movement skilss with our PE strands.

PE 2018-2019

We are putting our improvement plan into place. For the coming three years we will teach 5 fundamental movement skills. This year we will focus on kicking, walking, balancing, skipping and jumping for height.

PE 2019-2020

We want to increase teachers’ competence and confidence in teaching a range of Fundamental Movement skills in PE (focusing on walking, skipping, landing and catching). We are going to implement the use of the Move Well, Move Often teaching resource from the  (PDST). We are going to carry out assessment in P.E. including the use of a range of assessment practices such as self-assessment, peer-assessment and checklists/rubrics.