School assemblies take place at the end of each month. 1st and 2nd , 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th come together in the hall with their teachers and our Principal and Deputy Principal. At assembly we share good news, we acknowledge children who have achieved different things, we talk about different events happening in the school, we chat about our school rules and each class gets a turn to do a performance at assembly during the year.

Latest Assemblies News

St. Brigid’s Day

Today the 1st of February is St. Brigid’s Day which is traditionally the beginning of spring in Ireland. Saint Brigid…

January Assembly Awards

We had lots of awards to give out at our January assembly. The following children received Pupil of the Month…

January Newsletter 2023

We have lots of news from January 2023 in St Declan’s. Have a look at our newsletter to catch up…