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Gymnastics in Room 2

November 20, 2021

We are teaching the strand Gymnastics as part of PE lessons for the month of November. Gymnastics for kids enhances physical development. It helps to develop skills like strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and body control. Participating in gymnastics is fun. Children love learning how to tumble, flip, swing and roll. Gymnastics encourages children to explore the capabilities of their bodies. .Rolling is an important element of the Gymnastics strand of the PE curriculum. Ms Carey’s 5th class have been learning some of the following rolls and putting together different gymnastic routines within their pods.

  1. Pencil/Log Roll
  2. Egg/Tuck Roll
  3. Dish/Arched Back Roll
  4. Straddle Roll
  5. Shoulder Roll
  6. Wonder Woman Roll
  7. Forward Roll
  8. Backward Roll