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Parent Teacher Meetings 2021

November 12, 2021

We normally hold our Parent-Teacher meetings in November each year. We had hoped that we might be able to offer face-to-face meetings, however the Department of Education has not issued updated guidance to schools therefore we will be holding meetings via phone outside of school hours the week starting the 15th of November 2021. Your child’s class teacher will contact you via Aladdin with a time and date for your meeting.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for Class Teachers to give an update on your child’s progress in school this year. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have. You will appreciate there will be time constraints as teachers have a number of phone calls scheduled each day. However, a follow-up phone call can be organised, as necessary.

Parent-teacher meetings are very important in supporting the academic and social development of all pupils and our teachers look forward to engaging with you next week.