Green Schools

Garden City and Crestwood Residents Association

November 10, 2020

Garden City and Crestwood Residence Association  are a voluntary group with a single objective, to keep Garden City, Crestwood and the surrounding area clean, tidy and a pleasant place to live. They try to achieve this is a number of ways. They would like Garden City and Crestwood to be a place for neighbours to connect and share ideas by continually trying to improve their neighbourhood.

With a large footfall of children and parents  through the estate the Resident Association works with our Green Schools Committee in St. Declan’s to promote awareness of the benefits of a litter free environment and to promote a correct litter disposal culture

They are involved in the annual Tidy Towns Competition. This is a long established nationwide competition run annually during the summer months. They participate in the Anti Litter League and the Pride of Place Initiatives each year which is organised by Meath County Council.

Lorraine Muntean from the the Residents Association recently gifted us with a beautiful painted stone with a very positive message. We have placed this stone in our courtyard.