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Double Trouble

December 13, 2022

Eddie and Decky have been causing havoc in St. Declan’s over the past few days. In Mrs McCormack’s Junior Infants Room 12 they tipped over the box of blocks and made a big mess. 

In Ms Rowley’s 1st class Room 17 they knocked over all the children’s coats.

In Ms Geraghty’s 3rd class Room 20 they took out the violin and started playing Jungle Bells

In Ms Molloy’s Senior Infants Room 27 they took lots of books out of the library.

In Ms Mc Enroy’s Senior Infants Room 28 they got Rosie Bear and put teacher’s hat on Rosie Bear. The children thought this was very funny.

In Ms Conway’s class Room 33 they put on Ms Conway’s red coat. They are so naughty !!!