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Elf Mischief

December 21, 2022

In Ms Gallagher’s 4th class, Room 5 the elves wrote a message on the whiteboard to wish the class Happy Christmas and not to tell Santa they were being very bold in St. Declan’s.

They popped into Ms Ryan’s 2nd class Room 14 to wish the boys and girls a Happy Christmas

They knocked over the bin in Ms McNulty’s 2nd class Room 16. Our caretaker Tommy was not happy when he saw the mess!!

In Ms Crehan’s 1st class Room 18 they put up elf bunting around the Christmas tree.

In Ms Collin’s 1st class Room 19 they knocked her twistables and markers off her table.

They had a go on Ms Crowley’s rocking chair in Room 20, 3rd class.

Mrs Collier is looking forward to Eddie and Decky returning to the North Pole. They are such hard work !!!