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Elves on the loose

December 9, 2022

The elves have been very busy creating havoc in St. Declan’s. In Ms Coote’s Junior Infants Room 26 they had great fun chatting to Mr Jingles the class elf.

In Ms O’ Malley’s 3rd class Room 11 they hid in the wardrobe and the children got a big fright when they came back into the classroom. 

In Ms Kelly’s 4th class Room 10 they turned the chairs upside down and teacher was not happy !!!

In Ms Doran’s Junior Infants Room 13 they knocked down the Christmas tree. The children thought it was funny but Ms Doran didn’t !!!

In Ms Leggett’s 4th class Room 10 they brought sweets for all the boys and girls. This went down a treat.