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imageimageimageWriters in the making! 16/03/15
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The Golden Quest
St.Declan’s National School, Ashbourne, 4th Class, 16th March 2015

Long long ago, there was a half-human, half-bird called Anbhas.
Anbhas used to be a normal human, until the Evil Magic Pig turned her into half-human, half-bird. She actually liked the new change because this meant she could fly.

“Thanks, Evil Magic Pig.” she thought to herself.

Some time later, Anbhas met a half-dog, half-human who had just fallen off Mars.

“Hey, how ya doing?” said Anbhas.

“What’s up?” replied Hami Dogzilla.

“I’ve just hurt my tush!” he said shaking himself off.

“Are you hungry?” asked Anbhas. “Maybe we could have some pizza? It’s nice to have someone to talk to so I can tell you about my dreams,” said Anbhas.

“Yeah, maybe later”, replied Hami dogzilla. He was ravously hungry. “Let’s get some pizza. Are you buying?” said Anbhas.

On their way to get pizza, Anbhas spotted a sign saying ‘IF YOU WANT GOLDEN WINGS, COME THIS WAY’.

Anbhas really wanted to go. She jumped up and down with excitement. She explained to Hami Dogzilla that her dream was to have golden wings.

Hami stopped suddenly, “What if it is a trap?” he asked (he was suspicious of the evil magic pig).

Anbhas didn’t really care because she was too excited…