Happy Mothers Day

We were very busy this week talking about our Mums. Our Mums are so special to us. They are kind, generous, beautiful, caring and very special to us. We are all going to do something special for our Mums this Mothers Day. Some of us are making breakfast in bed. Some of us are buying flowers and presents. Some of us are bringing our Mums out for the day. We made a vase of flowers for our Mums to hang up and we wrote special messages for our Mums to read. Happy Mothers Day to all our lovely Mums from the boys and girls on Room 11. WE LOVE YOU MUM !!

We all gave Teacher a sentence about our Mums.
Keela- My Mam is so special.
Kate- I love my Mam.
Jake- My Mam is special because she brought me into her life.
Teejay- My Mam is very special because she is so kind.
Sadbh- My Mammy gives me hugs when I need them.
Christabel- Thank You for being you.
Naia-Thank you for all our time together.
Gabriele- You are always there to help me.
Nathan- My Mam is very nice.
Julia – I love my Mam because she is so kind.
Aaron- My Mam gives me a cup of tea.
Ellen- My Mum is special. She gives me hugs and kisses before I go to bed.
Alisha- My Mam is really kind.
Leah- I love my Mam because she gives me hugs when I fall.
Taylor- I love my Mam . She always gives me hugs and kisses.
Seldi- I love my Mum because she loves me.
Amy- My Mam is the best.
Liam- My Mam helps me when I am hurt.
Leonard- My Mam is good at helping me.
Andrea- I love my Mam’s kisses.
Sammy- My Mam always helps me. I love her.
Conor- My Mum loves me and I love her.
Dylan- I love my Mam because she does everything for me.
Orestas- You are the best Mam in the world.
Mantas- Thank you for being my Mum.
Blaine- My Mam is so special to me.