Students Council Visit to the Dail 02-05-2019

Today the Students Council accompanied by Ms O’Halloran and Ms Tobin went on a trip to Dublin. They began by visiting the Natural Arts History Museum. They explored the museum’s unique collection of Viking artefacts and displays. The tour guide told them about burial customs and beliefs, their society and politics and the new inventions and materials that they brought to Ireland through travel and trade across Europe. Dail Eireann was the next port of call. The children were met by Regina Doherty. She showed them the Lower Chambers where the TD’S vote and discuss issues and legislation that are very important to the country. They learnt all about the building and how the Fitzgerald family with their 19 children built the original building for their large family. It was then take over by the RDS for some years and then purchased by the government. They got to see the very ornate room where the Seanad gathers and they saw the green and red buttons they press under their seat swhen voting. Then they saw the historic Brigade flag from the American Civil war which was presented by the US President John F.Kenedy to the Irish people. They saw a copy of the Proclamation in the foyer. The original document was eaten by some of the 1916 volunteers as they approached a British army barrier in order to conceal it. The asked Regina lots of interesting questions and she gave them a copy of The Proclamation when they were leaving. Thank you to Ms O’Halloran for organising the trip and to the Board of Management for covering the cost of the bus.