St Declan’s School Marathon

Our school marathon takes place next Tuesday the 30th of April. We hope to set the circuit up for the marathon on the school pitch. Infants to second will run laps in small groups, third to fifth classes will be running laps in pairs and our three sixth classes will be running individual laps. All children can wear their PE tracksuits on the day. The timetable is as follows.This is an estimated timetable so please allow for this. All support will be welcome on the day. .

Marathon Timetable 30-04-2019

10- 10 30am Junior Infants,Rooms 12,13,29 Senior Infants, Rooms 26,27,28 First Classes Rooms 15 and 17 and Ms Conway, 5th class, Room 8

10 30am-11 15am
Third Classes Rooms 9,19,7
Fourth Classes Rooms 20,21,5
Fifth Classes Rooms 24,25,6
First Class Room 14

11 15am-12
6th classes Rooms 2,3,4

If you have any money that was raised for this fundraiser that hasn’t been sent in please send it in to your chld’s class teacher on Monday the 29th or Tuesday the 30th of April.Thank you to all families that have already sent in money. There has been very positive feedback to date. Thank you to our PA for organising the event. We look forward to it.