We had a super day at our school marathon fundraiser on Tuesday the 30th of April. There was great excitement in the air as all classes came out in turn to run their laps. Junior Infants, Senior Infants and first classes ran one lap in small groups, second, third and fourth classes ran one lap in pairs, fifth classes ran two laps in pairs and sixth classes ran two laps individually. Despite the dismal weather spirits were high, even Mr Melia and Mr Ryan took flight. The last 95 metres were completed by the youngest pupil in our school Sara Mallach from Ms Joyce’s Junior Infants and the oldest child in the school Grace Clarke from Mr Lydon’s sixth class. The final relay time was a total of two hours and thirty five minutes and five seconds. All children were given certificates of completion after the event. A huge thank you to all families who sponsored children and who helped children look for sponsorship. To date we have raised five thousand nine hundred and seventy euro. Thank you to the PA for organising this most enjoyable event.