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St. Brigid’s Day

February 2, 2024

Thursday the 1st of February was St. Brigid’s Day.  We learnt about St. Brigid in our assembly earlier this week.  Saint Brigid was born in Co. Louth but spent most of her life in Co. Kildare, which is why she is associated most with Kildare. She had a very strong belief in God and entered the convent at an early age to become a nun. She spent her days praying to God and looking after the poor and the sick. She dreamed of building a church and asked the King to help her. He laughed and said she could have as much land as her cloak would cover. When she lay her cloak down it grew and grew and she soon had enough land to build the church. 

The origin of St. Brigid’s Cross comes from the story of an old a very sick Chieftain who called for Brigid to help him. She sat his bed and calmed him by telling him the story of the cross. She sat using rushes on the ground to make her distinctive cross pattern. The Chieftain was calmed by her words and asked to be baptized before he passed away. People make St. Brigid’s Crosses and hang them in their home on the 1st of February. It is believed that these crosses protect homes from evil spirits.

St. Brigid died when she was around 70 years old in the year 524. She is one of Ireland’s most important and famous saints.

Mr McKeown’s 5th class children and Mr Quinn’s class children helped some of the younger classes to make crosses using rushes. Our three third classes went to mass in Ashbourne to celebrate St. Brigid’s Day. The children brought the crosses to mass to get them blessed.  The children in Ms Kelly’s 2nd class and Ms Collins’ 2nd class have been learning how to play the tin whistle. They gave us a rendition of St. Brigid’s song. Have a look at them in action.