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Crime Scene Investigation Workshop

February 2, 2024

Third and Fourth Classes took part in an exciting Crime Scene Investigation Forensic ‘whodunit’ in St. Declan’s with Gary the forensic scientist on Thursday the 1st of February.

The children initially learned all about DNA, fingerprints, footprints and fibres before entering their very own crime scene set up in the school hall by Gary. They then had to investigate who stole the world famous Venus Diamond.
The children identified and collected evidence which allowed them to determine what had taken place and decide which of the eight suspects was guilty of the theft.
Through investigation of the scene they learned all about DNA and how exactly they found it. The children examined fingerprints and how everyone has a unique fingerprint and they also investigated foot prints. It was an excellent interactive workshop and all classes thoroughly enjoyed it. Who knows, maybe in years to come some of our children will go onto become forensic scientist.!!