We had a skipping demonstration today for all classes from 1st to 6th. Different children from the classes were picked to showcase their skills  by Mark from SkipNrope. They did front skipping, back skipping, side skipping, criss cross skipping, pair skipping, rotation skipping. big group skipping. It was very impressive and we are very proud of all the children that took part. Thank you to Mr Farrell for organising the event and to Mark from SkipNrope for facilitating the workshops. Mark has a youtube video called SkipNrope Youtube where al his tricks can be viewed. We are encouraging all children to bring in their skipping ropes this week and to keep practising at home.

Lucy from 1st Class

Kenzo from 1st Class

Tori from 2nd Class

Ruby from 3rd Class

Hollie from 6th Class

Jubril from 5th Class

Tyler and Jude from 2nd Class

Emmie from 2nd Class

Emma from 4th Class

Shane from 3rd Class

Vicky from 5th Class

Adrians from 6th Class

Gabriela and Samara from 2nd Class

Carmen and Ava from 4th Class

Jaron and Angelo from 5th Class

Bartosz, Adam, Alex, Kelvin, Karlo, Jade, Juan and Sean. from 6th Class

And finally Mr Farrell, Mr Ryan, Mr Melia, Mr Mulroe and Ms Mc Hugh took to the stage for the teachers challenge. Luckily they all managed to jump at the right time and kept it together by working as a team. Mr Farrell was surprisingly light on his feet………. he must be in training for his first dance at his upcoming wedding. !!!