Skip, Skip, Skipathon!

We raised a great amount of money for the schoolin our recent Skipathon. We started practicing the week before the event, and we are glad we did! As teacher always says ‘practice makes perfect!’  We had tremendous fun working in pairs sharing a small rope and helping each other learn how to skip. When we got a little better, teacher showed us how to skip using a long rope! This was GREAT fun, we loved it! We started off running through to the other side without getting the rope caught. Then we tried standing in the middle to skip.

On THE day, the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining brightly thanks to our song ‘ Mr Sun’! It was a close call but we had a boy and a girl winner. Well done and thank you to all who sponsored our class. We were delighted to get our little treat of water and oranges when we came in…. we needed it to refuel for some more hard work in the sun! We took the opportunity to to go outside and finish our maps in the open air!

Ms Doran, First Class, Room 6A