Grass Heads……

Before Easter we covered the Living things strand in our science curriculum. We planted potatoes in a grow bag after discussing and learning about all the things they will need to grow. Now we can see some little shoots and hopefully sometime soon we will have potatoes….!

We also created a grass heads. They were quiet tricky but with the help of Ms Doran and Ms O’Malley we got there in the end! First we got a sock and put in the grass seed. Then we put in the soil. We tied a knot in the bottom and decorated them with googly eyes and foam shapes. We put them into a plastic bowel and watered them. We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ms O’Malley, Ms Kearns and the Easter camp kids who watered them for us over the Easter holidays  J

Ms. Doran, First Class, Room 6A