Easter, Yum yum :)

First class learned all about Easter coming up to the Holidays. We read a lovely story with a special visitor and Ms Doran taught us all about what happened the week before Jesus died on the cross. We used pictures to tell the story. Have a look!

We also did some lovely art around the theme of Easter. Firstly we created some cards for our family or friends. Secondly we got elbows deep in some wallpaper paste and made some paper mache balloons! Sorry for the messy uniforms mums and dads! First of all Ms Doran gave us a balloon with a piece of masking tape for us to write our names. We all brought in a toilet roll and used the roll and paste to cover the balloon. When it was all covered we hung them up to dry. We planned our pattern for homework and then when the balloons dried we used paint to create our design. They looked fantastic. What do you think?

Ms Doran, Room 6A