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Santa Visit

December 21, 2020

We had a very special visitor earlier as Santa made a priority stop to see all the boys and girls in St. Declan’s. He was very hopeful that we were all going to have a special Christmas with our families especially after the year we all had. He said he was very proud of how we all worked hard during lock down and how accepting we all were of the situation. Santa told us we were all on the nice list, even Mr Mc Keown and the only person on the naughty list is Mr Corona Virus!! All classes from Junior Infants to second came to the hall individually to say hello and Santa spoke to the rest of the classes on the intercom. He brought a box of sweets for each class to be shared out. He said all the boys and girls had to be in bed early on Christmas Eve. HO HO HO

Mrs Collier asked Santa if he would bring Decky and Eddie back to the North Pole as they have created havoc in St. Declan’s over the past few weeks and she hasn’t had a minutes peace since they arrived, Santa said he would work them very hard when he brought them back.

Room 13 Mrs Mc Cormack Junior Infants

Room 12 Ms Coote’s Junior Infants

Room 26 Ms O’Sullivan’s Junior Infants

Room 27 Ms King’s Senior Infants

Room 28 Ms Brogan’s Senior Infants

Room 29 Ms Joyce’s Senior Infants

Room 14 Mr Barry’s 1st Class

Room 15 Ms Mooney’s 2nd Class

Room 16 Ms Mc Enroy’s 2nd Class

Room 17 Ms Molloy’s 1st Class

Room 18 Ms Kelly’s 1st Class

Room 19 Ms Crowley’s 2nd Class

Santa wanted Mrs Collier and our secretary Karen to come back to the North Pole with him as he was very impressed with their Christmas attire and thought they would be an excellent help in the workshop.. Mrs Collier and Karen thought Mr Kearins and Joanne would miss them too much and probably wouldn’t work as hard if they weren’t there to keep an eye on things so they decided to stay in St. Declan’s. Santa asked them to send their CV on for next year as he is always on the look out for good staff.