Room 15.

What an eventful few weeks we have had in Rm 15 since we returned to school.
We have been very busy with refreshing our phonics,reading and writing skills, and we are glad to say we are all working really well in our new class, Senior Infants.
We have been on a wonderful Autumn Nature Walk ,collected colourful leaves, seeds and nuts and thought we saw a squirrel!
We have used the school ipads and with our partners have enjoyed learning together.
We have also been at a question and answer session with the Sam Maguire Cup and dressed up in our team jersey for Goal.
Maths is great fun with the help from Ms Crowley and we made wonderful patterns with buttons,cubes,pegboards, and later we drew colourful patterns using our new class twistables!
Art is always fun and right now we are printing making lots of lovely pictures to decorate both home and school.
Best of all we love P.E. and with the lovely bright sunny days we have had our classes each week outside .
Lots of new poems and songs keeps us all smiling and happy in Room 15, our latest favourite being ” Slap the Sillies”
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