Mardi Gras!!

What does Mardi Gras celebrate?

Mardi Gras is the last day of carnival. It is also the day before Ash Wednesday which begins the Christain season of Lent.

When is Mardi Gras celebrated?

Mardi Gras occurs the day before Ash Wednesday. Because Ash Wednesday moves with Easter, the date for Mardi Gras moves as well. this year it was Tuesday, February 17th.

History of Mardi Gras

The history of Mardi Gras can be traced back to the Middle Ages. During these times people would eat heartily the night before they had to start fasting on Ash Wednesday. Other traditions sprang up during the Middle Ages including the serving of the king’s cake in 12th century France. In early England, this day was a religious day where people confessed their sins in order to get ready for Lent.

Fun Facts About Mardi Gras

  • The term Mardi Gras can often refer to the two weeks leading up to the final day which is called Mardi Gras Day or Fat Tuesday.
  • The Monday before is sometimes called Fat Monday or Lundi Gras.
  • The celebration goes by different names throughout the world. Other names include Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, and the Tuesday of Carnival.
  • Pancake Day comes from England where it was common tradition to use up all the eggs, milk, and butter in the kitchen prior to Ash Wednesday. These ingredients were often used to make pancakes.
  • The official colors for the holiday are green, gold, and purple. Green stands for faith, gold stands for power, and purple stands for justice.

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