An scéal i rang a 4 :)

We finally got off the bus, everyone was so excited. When we were walking into the stadium, the wind nearly blew us back out. My friend and I couldn’t walk it was so windy. We walked into the big hall. There was a few other schools already there and the children were chatting. Right after we arrived we took to our seats beside the stage. Our class and Ms. Jenkinson’s class were both very excited and nervous about performing and we could not wait for our feed-back from the judge. We performed/sang Uptown Funk, Price Tag in Irish and Mo Ghile Mear. The judge liked it. The best feed-back was from the man from RTE. He told Ms. Clifford and Ms. Jenkinson we were so good and he wished that he’d filmed us! If you watched News Today, when the children in the grey uniforms are on camera, we are singing in the background while they are talking.
Ana Farrell

When we arrived at Corfhéile it was very exciting. The basketball arena was quite big and there were lots of seats. We sat on the right hand side. All the acts were amazing, especially the ones with the instruments. When we saw the camera rolling we all waved at it, it was very funny. Our turn came up and we were very nervous. We sang three songs, Up Town Funk, Mo Ghile Mear and Praghas Tag. Charlie’s dad filmed our entire act. Mr McKeown played the guitar. When we went off stage there were lots of acts after us. One of the acts had an Irish dancer!! It was amazing!! :]
Aine Robertson

Fighting Words
When we got there, we got our pictures taken and were given nametags. Then we sat on cushions in front of a board. We closed our eyes and voted for ideas. We voted for the main character, his wish, his best friend, his fear and the title.
The main character was a half human-half bird, named Anbhas. His dream was to have golden wings. His best friend was a half dog-half human, named Hami Dogzilla that fell from Mars. Both of their fears were a magic evil pig. For the title, we picked ‘The Golden Quest.’
Róisín Moss

On the 16th of March, we went to the Fighting Words workshop. After the group work, we went into tables of four and started writing our own end to the story. There was a helper at each table to help us with spelling, grammar and ideas for our stories. We were shown the drawings that the artist had come up with, which we thought were great. (These were put into the books that we were given!) Certain people read their stories out loud and drew pictures to go with our stories. Some people also showed these to everyone.
I really enjoyed the workshop!
Mia Craven