Junior Infants

We have been in school for nearly two months now and are loving it! In class we have done all sorts of things like painting, learning our sounds with Jolly Phonics, learning about the autumn as well as sorting and matching things in maths. Have a look at some of the things we’ve been doing!

Play is a very important part of childrens early learning and development. Aistear is a new curriculum framework developed by the NCCA , it encourages that children are learning through play.  There are objectives and outcomes for their play. Aistear encourages that n infant classroom would have an hour of play a day. For more information visit the Aistear website.http://www.ncca.biz/Aistear/

The children will have a visual rota for playtime in which they will come in and  see what their group(table) is doing each day. These stations will change throughout the year. The different stations are:

  • Sand/Water 
  • Playdough
  • Animals/small people
  • Construction
  • Role play
  • jigsaws

 We are beginning this in our classroom in the following weeks. Each station will have different things to do every day to ensure they are learning.

 As a class have decided to open up a restaurant in our role play area by the name of “St. Declans Café”. The opening hours are when we are in school from 9:15 until 2 o’clock. It will not open on Saturdays and Sundays as there won’t be anyone to work! We are starting to set it up and will keep you updated on how we are doing!