Senior Infants are learning through play :)

     Firstly, as a class we brainstorm and plan our play. We have many talks and discussions before playing. This will ensure that there will be play happening with a purpose…to learn!  Our structured play covers most curricular areas like; Maths, English, Geography, History, Science, Art, Drama, Music and SPHE.  After a while our teacher gives every group a specific station. Each day we are at a different station.

Station 1: Role Play – We set up an office in our room. Here we can play doctors, nurses, vets, teachers, library, travel agents, dentists, hospitals and many more games. We play together, solve problems and more importantly clean up after ourselves.

Station 2: Sand and Water – Near our sink we have our sand and water area. We use lots of different objects to fill basins with water and carry out experiments.  In the sand area we play many games.

Station 3: Construction Area – We also have a construction area where we use lots of different materials to build lots of different objects and buildings.

Station 4: Art Area – We use lots of different materials to make beautiful pictures.

After a while we will be able to pick our own station. How exciting, we cannot wait!

Look at us busy bees actively learning. Learning can be tremendous fun!