Murderous maths 2011

Do you know how to do your 1089 times tables? The fifth and sixth class students from St. Declan’s do now!

On Monday the 17th of October children from fifth and sixth class attended a maths workshop. We travelled on a bus to DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology). When we arrived we ate our lunch in the canteen just like the college students!

At the workshop we worked in groups to solve puzzles and problems. The staff and students in the maths department from DIT helped us work out some of the trickier problems. We played maths games too. After the workshop we were given a fun presentation about maths.

We learned loads of new strategies to help us do our tables, how to succeed at monopoly and how to decode secret codes! It was a fantastic start to maths week 2011. We look forward to partaking in the rest of the activities organised for maths week!

Here is the website for murderous maths: http://www.murderousmaths.co.uk/contents.htm