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Flowers Changing Colour Experiment Room 19

November 11, 2020

Ms Crowley’s 2nd class tried out a flower changing colour experiment. They filled each cup with water half way and added 3 drops of food colouring into each of the cup. They used the colours green, red, blue and left one cup with no food colouring as a control.  Teacher cut the end of each of the flower’s  and put each stem in a different coloured water . They waited one hour to see what happened to the petals.

Plants drink water from the ground up through their roots. The water travels up the stem and into the petals of the flower. Although, the flowers didn’t have roots anymore they were still able to pull water up from the cup into the stem and up through the flower to the petals. This is called capillary action the way plants are able to defy gravity and pull water up and into their leaves and flowers.