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Fitter Younger Marathon

October 7, 2020

We had a great day today at our marathon. The sun was shining all day and all classes participated in their laps. Together we ran the distance of a marathon; 42,195 meters. This was done in a relay format. The relay was set out in a 100m circle. All the laps were timed on a big timer. Junior Infants to 2nd ran 100 metres each in groups.  3rd and 4th ran 100 metres in pairs. 5th ran 100 metres individually and 6th ran 200 metres individually.

There was great competition between the teachers to see who could run the fastest lap. Ms Quinlan came out on top with a very fast time of 15 seconds. Mr Melia is looking for a stewards enquiry into the matter as his lap was ran in 16 seconds !! There’s always next year Mr Melia!! Go on the girls!!

Max from 6th class Room 4 and Harry from Junior Infants Room 12 ran the last lap together.

Our overall time was 2 hours and 28 minutes and 9 seconds.

Well done to all the boys and girls on this fantastic achievement.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their fund raising money in to date. We ask for all money raised to be brought back in by this Friday the 9th of October. Thank you to Jennifer Mulvey from our Parents Association for organising the event and to Kieran from Fitter Younger Marathon. It was a great days work!!!