February Fun in Room 26

As it is the end of February, now is a great time to recap on all the fun we have had in senior infants this month. We have learned about the life cycle of a frog which was very interesting. We learned new words like tadpole, frogspawn and froglet. We did a great job drawing the life cycle as well.
We painted lovely spring flowers using paper plates and bright coloured paint.
We continued our play during Aistear where we learned about the vet. The boys and girls came up with some wonderful ideas during junk art and in the small world area.
We used playdough and cocktail sticks in the construction area to make cages for some of the animals.
The sand and water area was also a huge hit with the boys and girls.
Some of the books we read during the month of February were The Book with no Pictures (Adam reckoned there was an illustrator but he was too lazy to draw!) and of course Mr. Wolf’s pancakes on Pancake Tuesday-we were very shocked at the ending!
We have also been taking part in Fit Fridays. Thank you to the Active Schools Committee for making this possible. We stop what we are doing and dance to the music on the intercom-all the classes do it at the same time.
Looking forward to what the month of March brings to Room 26.
Ms. McDermott