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Elves Behaving Badly

December 9, 2020

Decky and Eddie were very busy in St. Declan’s yesterday as they roamed the school looking for naughty things to do.

They were in the office photocopying colouring pages and when Joanne went on her lunch break they were typing letters on her laptop.

In Room 27 Ms King’s Senior Infants they made a big mess tipping out the toys.

In Room 28 Ms Brogan’s Senior Infants they knocked over the Christmas tree. Ms Brogan was not happy !

In Room 29 Ms Joyce’s Senior Infants they took out all her dinosaurs and made a track around the classroom with them. The boys and girls were very excited when they came in off yard.

In Room 26 Ms O’Sullivan’s Junior Infants Decky and Eddie had a little sing song. Their favourite Christmas song is Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.

In Room 12 Ms Coote’s Junior Infants the elves took the hula hoops to do some exercises.