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Double Trouble

December 10, 2020

There was double the trouble lurking in the corridors of our school yesterday with Decky and Eddie popping in and out of classrooms. They got into a lot of trouble with the teachers. In room 13 Junior Infants they got gold stars from Mrs Mc Cormack as they were so good.

In Room 16 Ms McEnroy’s 2nd class they got very adventurous and asked teacher out on a date. Ms Mc Enroy is still thinking about it !!

When Ms O’Malley’s 3rd class came back in off yard their schoolbags were all over the floor. Teacher was impressed!

Mr Barry’s 1st class Room 14 got a big surprise when they found the two rascals at the bottom of the classroom after pulling the toilet roll out of the toilets. Oh dear!

In Room 10 Ms Donwnes 3rd class they were very responsible and wore their masks to help prevent the spread of Covid 19. However they also wrapped themselves up in blue paper.