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Dec’s Got Talent 2023

June 24, 2023

Congratulations to all the children who took part in our Dec’s Got Talent show last week. We really enjoyed the show. It was hosted by Conor Beggy and Donnacha Paget from 6th class and our judges on the day were Ms Geraghty, Ms O’ Doherty, Mr Mc Loughlin and Mr Quinn. The level of talent was incredible and we were blown away by the creativity and confidence of all the children who took part. We had a combination of singing, instrument playing, dancing, ventriloquism, boxing and gymnastics.

The first act were 2nd class dancers from Room 14 and Room 15. Cailíní ns Gaillimhe danced to some Irish reels and jigs and Ms Jenkinson, their dance teacher was very proud of them.  The judges loved the Irish dancing and gave them high praise.

The second act was Poppy and Buzzy, two 3rd class ventriloquists. They were so good and the crowd loved them. The judges thought they were great and brought great originality to the show.

The third act was no stranger to the sage. She won the upcoming act last year. This year, Lili from Ms O’ Halloran’s 4th class sang a song from the musical Les Miserables called Castle on a cloud. The judges loved the beautiful tone of her voice and were very impressed with all the high notes she could hit.

The fourth act was a 5th class boy, Anthony from Room 8 who played the piano for us. The judges were so impressed that he didn’t use any sheet music and had memorised the entire piece. He used his right hand, his left hand and both hands. He was brilliant.

The fifth act were a group of 2nd class children called The Breakers. Jax and George  from Room 16 and Nonah and Demi from Room 15. The moves these children could make was incredible and they had loads of attitude. The judges were getting dizzy watching. Even Mr Mc Keown asked them for dance lessons !!

The sixth act was called The Gym Monkeys, a group of 3rd class children. Joe and Darragh from Room 20, aka JD and DJ were amateur gymnastics learning all their moves from Eva. They were joined by Ethan on commentary. The judges thought it was a very unique act and told the boys they would have to work hard to keep up with Eva’s standards.

The seventh act was a 6th class girl, Annabel from Room 3, Annabelle sang Jolene and the judges thought she had a superb voice. They complimented her on singing without a backing track and though she did a great job.

The eight act, Tristan from Room 8 put on a fantastic rendition of I’m still standing by Elton John. He had the crowd going wild as he totally owned the stage.

The ninth act was another single act from DJ Fionn who composed his own rap. This was the first rap act ever to be in Dec’s Got Talent. Ms O’ Doherty in particular lived the rap and Fionn really got the crowd going.

The tenth act was Katie from 4th class who performed a gymnastic routine for us. She was incredibly flexible and remained very composed throughout. The judges commended her on her confidence and concentration.

The eleventh act was a duet, Chloe and David M from 5th class Room 2. Chloe hit a huge range of high notes with her Adele song and the judges couldn’t believe the strength in her voice.

The twelfth act was a combination of singing and gymnastics. Mila, Bella, Mya, Pippa, Maci and Nicole put on a great song. The singers provided lovely background music of Lost Boy for the gymnasts. The judges loved them.

The thirteenth act Lennon from 3rd class Room 11 put on an amazing performance of Waka Wake back to Africa. The crowd were on their their feet giving it welly.

The fourteenth act, Deco’s Main Event was a group of boys from 6th class acting out a boxing match. Noah, Kyle, Jamie, Leo, Jude, Blake and Evan entertained us with boxing from the ring.

The fifteenth act was Chloe from Room 9 who sang a beautiful version of the song Dandelion. The judges commented on the confidence of all the acts who came out on stage by themselves.

The sixteenth act was a singing and dancing act from Amy Winehouse. The judges loved the act and gave the children a big round of applause. from Katie, Eva, Josh, Maria, Kassi and Emma

The judges had a very tough decision to make after all the acts performed but they eventually agreed that the new and upcoming act prize went to who gave a fantastic performance from The Breaker’s from 2nd class- Jax, George, Demi and Nonah. The overall winner of Dec’s Got Talent 2023 went to Lennon Moloney from 3rd class Room 11 with his amazing performance of Waka Waka This Time for Africa song. .Thank you to Mr Mc Keown for coordinating the event. It was a fantastic day of entertainment and brings a lovely clsoe to the end of the school year. 


Lennon Moloney Dec’s Got Talent Winner 2023

The Breaker’s Dec’s Got Talent Upcoming Act Winner 2023