Busy times

January and February have been busy with lots of art and P.E. as well as renaming in maths, Irish, English and SESE.

We did lots of art since Christmas such as snowmen, clay turtles and owls, lovebirds and stained glass effect love hearts.

In P.E. we have been doing athletics and gymnastics. We also participated in the 10@10 on the 10th of February.

We planted bulbs back before Christmas and when we came back after the holidays they had really grown. We took them home and waited for our flowers to grow. Some of us have daffodils and others have red, purple and pink tulips!

Here is the result of our experiment where we gave one plant all the things they need to grow, light, water and soil, whereas the other was deprived of water and light.

We learned about the water cycle, habitats, parts of plants, the lifecycle of a daffodil and we also have completed reports about different animals.