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Anti- Bullying

January 24, 2022

All pupils have the right to enjoy their learning and leisure time, free from intimidation. Bullying whether verbal, physical or emotional, will not be tolerated in St. Declan’s. This is a telling school. Telling to ensure safety is different to ‘tales’. Parents and children should always tell if bullying has occurred. All such reports will be looked into by the school and the unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with appropriately.

For our second Well-being Wednesday our focus was on continuing to develop an awareness of what we can do to prevent bullying in our school. All classes were working on anti-bullying lessons. Classes in 3rd to 6th are going to take part in an Anti-Bullying questionnaire.

Kindness Poem

I can choose to be kind each and every day,

I can choose to be kind to everyone, in every way.

When I am kind to others, I make the world a little brighter.

When I am kind to others, I make my heart a little lighter.

So plant a seed of kindness and watch the world bloom,

So plant a seed of kindness, and we’ll chase away the gloom.

Always remember-in a world where you can be anything, be kind.