A visit from Nurse Caroline

We had a very special visitor in St Declan’s yesterday. Nurse Caroline from Temple Street came in to visit all the boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants to talk to them about her job as a nurse. She had her special uniform on her that she wears when she goes to work. She showed the children some of the medical instruments she uses when checking the boys and girls….. stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure monitor. Caroline explained to the children the types of things she has to do every day. She is a childrens nurse in Temple Street. She works on a ward called Top Flat where the children who are very sick are admitted to. Lots of the children were familiar with Temple Street as they had been there before or they had been with a brother or sister. Caroline told the classes about some of the operations the children have when they come into hospital. All the children who come in are given a name tag which has their name and date of birth on it for identification. They are weighed and their height is measured. She told them about the fun playroom they have in the hospital that the children can visit when they are feeling a bit better. It was very informative and the children loved it. They asked some really interesting questions at the end of the session. Thank you to Nurse Caroline for coming to visit us all the way from Temple Street. Who knows maybe we will have some boys and girl from St Declan’s who will go on to be nurses.