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5th Class Pilgrim Walk

January 26, 2023

As part of Catholic Schools Week our three fifth classes went on Pilgrim Walk. The boys and girls in 5th class from Gaelscoil Na Mi and St. Mary’s NS joined us in St. Declan’s first. We welcomed them into our hall and Jessica from Mr Barry’s class gave them a brief history of the school. Danny from Mr Barry’s class spoke about Catholic School’s Week. Father Michael spoke to the children about Catholic School’s Week and how important it is for us to practice our Catholic faith. We prayed the Our Father prayer together.

We all walked to Gaelscoil Na Cille then. The principal Mr Ó Fearraigh spoke in Irish and told us a little bit about the Gaelscoil. Father Michael spoke to the children about the three posters they made for the pilgrim walk, We walk in faith. We walk in hope. We walk in love. We prayed the Hail Mary together in Irish.

We walked to St. Mary’s NS and the principal Mr O’ Connor welcomed us. We went inside into the PE hall. Father Michael invited the children to attend mass this week at 11am in the church in Ashbourne for the last day of Catholic School’s Week. He will bless the children at mass. We prayed the Glory Be To The Father together.

We had a lovely day meeting the children from the other schools. Thank you to Father Michael for organising the event for us.