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Working hard in Senior Infants Room 13

January 25, 2022

As part of Well being Wednesdays they read the story of The Rainbow Fish. This book is about friendship and kindness. Rainbow fish was very kind and  shared all his glittery scales with his friends. All the boys and girls in Room 13 work really hard at being good friends in the class and on the yard. They coloured rainbow fish during Art and gave the rainbow fish one glittery scale just like at the end of the story.

For Literacy, they read a book called Snow by Cynthia Rylant. They loved the illustrations in Snow. They used the Building Bridges strategies and made some super predictions and connections. They made a great connection between the children sliding down the snowy hill and penguins sliding down ice in the South Pole!


They loved the story Snow so much that Mrs McCormack decided to let them paint beautiful snowflakes during Art. Each one turned out differently, just like real snowflakes.

In Maths they learnt the Story of 8. They used cubes to find all the different ways to make 8. They wrote the sums on the whiteboards to help learn their number bonds.


As part of Gaeilge they are learning An Aimsir.  They got a chance to be the weather forecaster using teacher’s weather map.

As part of the Oral Language Programme Mrs Mc Cormack’s Senior Infant class has been learning about the Antarctic. They have been using their new words during Aistear Small world play. They had lots of fun playing  interactive games using the new language, on the  interactive whiteboard.