Whats we’ve been up to in Ms.McHugh’s, Room 3

5th class have been extremely busy since we last checked in here. We are already in the last term of the year and there is lots to update you on since last time. Firstly the children have been learning about weather, climate and atmosphere as part of Geography and made and designed their very own anemometer to record and measure wind speed.  As part of our procedural writing genre, we looked at out how procedural writing helps us to carry out a task and provides us with easy to read instructions. Using our knowledge of making and building anemometers, the children in 5th class put pen to paper and wrote out step-by-step instructions which also included instructions on how to record and measure wind speed. We will compare these results over the month of April and May to see how the weather is changing from Spring into summer! 

Before the Easter break, the children were learning about various movements in Gymnastics and some even do Gymnastics as a hobby outside school which enhanced the classes even more! We practiced handstands, cartwheels, balancing while making lateral movements across the bench, hoola hooping, skipping, jumping and landing safely from the climbing frame too! Since the Easter break we have been very lucky to have the G.A.A coaches into us every Thursday to practice the skills of the hand-pass, and the punt-pass. The children are improving every week and will look forward to many more weeks of practice as part of P.E. 

As part of our Geography country study on France the children learned about the life and work of French artist Claude Monet. We learned that Claude Monet was an Impressionist painter who painted many famous pieces of work that we recognised before. Impressionist style paintings are not about depicting or portraying the perfect picture but rather about colour, texture and tone. The children put their art skills to the test and using oil pastels, created some lovely water lilies in a pond by building layers of colour and blending these to create the impressionist piece of work. The children also worked in pairs or in small groups to construct vehicles based on the theme of transport. Check out the photos below. What a creative bunch we have in Room 3!