Well Being 15-01-2019

Today Hrvoje and Kayleigh from Room 3 spoke on the intercom to all the children about the importance of smiling and laughing. When we feel great, a smile comes naturally. It’s an outward sign of, happiness. Smiling relaxes the facial muscles and calms the nervous system. Laughing sends more oxygen to the brain. That triggers the release of brain chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals help us feel positive. Laughing can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and improve our mood. Because smiling and laughing are contagious, they help people bond. Smiling sends a friendly signal that usually results in the other person smiling back. We encourage all childrentosmile at others today and see what happens. Teachers are being invited to smile at each other too.

Kayleigh read the poem Smiling by Spike Milligan

We played the song Don’t worry be happy for all classes to listen to.