Last Summer, the Parents Association went into discussion with Anu Fashions in relation to the prices of the school tracksuits.  These prices were reduced and the cost of the tracksuits start as follows:

Sizes: 4-5 , 5-6 & 6-7, 7-8, 8-9      €32

           9-10 & 10-11                             €35

          Larger sizes                               €38


Also, this year, we are introducing the school crest which can be purchased at the school with the order form that was sent home last week.  The orders need to be made now so as that we can receive the delivery and distribute the crests before the summer break. 

We hope these measures help reduce the cost of the uniforms and continue to endeaver to find ways to reduce costs if we can. 

If you have any suggestions or queries in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us in person or by the e-mail address provided earlier.