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Trouble Trouble Trouble

December 16, 2020

When Mrs Collier came back to her office she found two rascals in her office. They were trying to send out a message on Aladdin.

In Mr Melia’s 5th class Room 7 they unwound the wool and made a big mess.

In Ms O’Donnell’s 5th class Room 7 they also made a mess with wool. Maybe they were trying to knit a nice warm hat for Santa.

Singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas on the ukuleles. Eddie has a lovely singing voice.

Rocking it with Mr Mc Keown. They auditioned for Mr Mc Keown’s band.

In Room 3 Mr Ryan’s 6th class they pulled Aoife’s books out of her basket and didn’t even say sorry.

In Room 4 Ms Jenkinson’s 6th class they knocked over the batons and Decky snuck into Shauna’s school bag.