Third and Fourth Class Assemblies

We started our assembly today for 2015-2016. For our three third classes this was their very first assembly. We started with a prayer and then Mr Reidy welcomed everyone to the hall.
The school rule that the classes are going to work on for the next assembly is Rule number six , behaviour on yard. Four children from each class was then nominated for the Student of the month trophy. A winner from each class was picked and Mr Reidy presented the children with the trophy. The winners were
Philip from Room 3 Third Class
Adam from Room 7 Third Class
Emily from Room 9 Third Class
Ella from Room 6 Fourth Class
Cameron from Room 20 Fourth Class
Aidan from Room 21 Fourth Class

The class with the best line on yard was awarded to Ms Tobin’s Class Room 3. There was a big cheer from the children when they heard the good news. They get to spend extra time on the yard on a day of their choice for their excellent behaviour. Well done Room 3!!
Mr Reidy was so impressed with the turn out for wearing PE tracksuits and uinforms on the correct days that he couldn’t pick one class and had to give the award to two classes . The lucky winners were Room 20 Ms Collin’s 4th class and Room 6 Mr Clarke’s 4th class. They get to have a homework pass on a night that teacher decides.
Ms Collins class came up to show the assembly their artwork.
To end assembly the six classes sung the song Ireland’s Call. Well done t all the boys and girls and to the teachers for preparing them so well. Great Job !!!