Taekwondo with Master Joe

As part of Active Schools Week 3rd and 4th classes got to take part in Taekwondo classes today with Master Joe. Master Joe has been teaching Taekwondo since 1992. ( Formally ChungDoKwan Taekwondo Ireland )
He is formally Senior Master Joe, a 6th Dan Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo Black Belt who was graded by Senior Grand Master Ro who’s father opened the first ever Taekwondo school in Korea in 1944.
His club is a family of like-minded people who want to train, learn, develop and have fun along the way.He has four clubs. Three in Meath and one in Dublin. He also have six sister clubs in Ireland. Being qualified is important as there are many clubs operating in Ireland today by individuals who are unqualified. The classes are open. That means parents are welcome to stay and watch the class as their children train.
Master Joe runs classes in St. Declan’s every Wednesday 3-4pm.

Thank you to Orestas from Room 6 and Adrians from Room 3 for helping out today.