The second classes and sixth classes are taking part in the Laya Supertroopers initiative. The pupils have already received a Super Trooper’s Activity Journal and Family Activity Wall Chart to get them started.

As you know, trying to find time to be active can be tricky. It’s important to encourage inclusive physical activity as much as you can, even ten minutes a day can make a significant difference.

Nutrition and eating well is so important for us all, but particularly for growing children. Therefore, we aim to make children aware of the foods they are eating and to value the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.
Throughout the Super Trooper’s Activity Journal, you will discover super recipes for smoothies/healthy snacks. It also includes longer-term activities that encourage children to eat new fruits and vegetables along with easy-to-understand explanations about the importance of nutrition.

The children are given ideas on physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing as well as fun activity ideas.