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Students Council 2021-2022

November 12, 2021

St. Declan’s National School considers it important that the pupils should play a positive role in their school life and we set up our Student Council on a yearly basis to help to achieve this.

Pupils from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes were elected by secret ballot in September and take a seat on the Council for the duration of that academic year. The elected pupils are required to be active participants in the Council, they must attend meetings regularly and participate in school activities throughout the year.

During council meetings issues on the agenda are discussed.  Some of these issues are then brought to Staff Meetings for further deliberation. As well as bringing matters to the Council for discussion, the members are required to report the outcome of meetings to the other classes.

Through our Student Council, we hope to give our pupils a more active role in the organisation of our school and ensure they are listened to and respected for their ideas and concerns. It involves the students in many of the decisions that are made regarding the day-to-day running and management of St. Declan’s School.  Discussions in classes and at Council meetings help to develop social and learning skills in many areas including speaking and listening, problem-solving, brainstorming and the decision-making process.

Ms O’Halloran is over our Students Council for this year 2021-2022.

Students Council 2021-2022

4th Class Ms Mc Gee Room 9- Estella Kaltan and Ashton Dillon

4th Class Ms King Room 10- Ben O ‘ Donovan and Emily Thomas

4th Class Ms Brogan Room 11 – Aaron Orohoe and Chloe Molloy

5th Class Ms Carey Room 2- Lee Byrne and Kaia Tracey

5th Class Mrs Brick Room 3- Sam Molloy and Nicole Delahunty

5th Class Mr Mc Keown Room 4- Samara Michaels and Cian Abbey

6th Class Ms O’ Donnell Room 7- Kristopher Chadha and Ellie Sweeney

6th Class Mr Melia Room 8- Ruby Melia and Ryan Lynch

6th Class Ms Collins Room 24- Summer Bevan Keane and Sean Ryan

6th Class Mr Farrell Room 25- Arabella McGuire and Shane Morrisey