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January 29, 2023

We are currently teaching the Stay Safe Programme to all classes. The Stay Safe Programme is part of the Social, Personal and Health Education curriculum which all primary schools are required to implement. . It is a safety skills programme which aims to teach children personal safety skills so they can look after themselves in situations which could be upsetting or dangerous. Its overall objective is to raise awareness of child abuse, bullying and any other forms of victimisation.

 The Programme develops children’s ability to recognise, resist and report risky or abusive situations. The overall message is they will learn how to: 

  1. Say no
  2. Get away
  3. Tell someone

The following five topics are taught in the Stay Safe programme 

  1. Feeling safe and unsafe
  2. Bullying (4th, 5th and 6th classes will also be covering cyber bullying).
  3. Touches
  4. Secrets and telling
  5. Strangers