As part of the SPHE Curriculum your child will be covering the Stay Safe Programme over the coming weeks. The Stay Safe Programme is a safety skills programme for Primary schools. Its overall objective is to raise awareness of child abuse, bullying and any other forms of victimisation.

The Programme develops children’s ability to recognise, resist and report risky or abusive situations. The overall message is they will learn how to ………………

  1. Say no
  2. Get away
  3. Tell someone

The following five topics will be taught in the Stay Safe programme

  1. Feeling safe and unsafe
  2. Bullying (4th, 5th and 6th classes will also be covering cyber bullying).
  3. Touches
  4. Secrets and telling
  5. Strangers

It’s essential that you are involved in the Programme because parents/guardians are the most important people in a child’s life. Worksheets to accompany the lessons may be given as homework or sent home for you to sign. It’s important that you use these to discuss the content of the lesson with your child. A parent’s guide to Stay Safe is available on www. Stay safe.ie /parents guide and it is in the following languages English, Irish, Chinese, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish.