New Yard Rules

Today we had assemblies for all classes to talk about our new rules for the yard. Mr Kearins spoke to all the children, teachers and SNA’s about the yards.

Why do we have break time ?

We have break time so we can go out on the yard with our friends to play. It gives us a chance to talk and play with other children from different classes that are on the yard. It important for our minds to have a rest and it helps us to work harder when we go back to class.

What are rules for ?                                                                                

Rules are important so that we can all play together safely. We all need to follow the rules to have fun and to enjoy yard time.

New Rules

  1. We play safely (kind hands, feet and words)
  2. We are respectful to staff and pupils.
  3. We line up quietly and safely.
  4. We only leave yard with permission.
  5. We help keep St. Declan’s NS a Bully Free Zone.

We are respectful on yard to each other to teachers and to SNA’s We should always treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Having nice manners is important when asking permission to go to the bathroom or when speaking to others. Everyone in the school has a role to play in keeping St. Declan’s a bully free zone. If you see something wrong you need to tell a teacher.

What happens when the bell rings? 


When the bell rings we freeze and put our fingers to our lips to stop talking. When the bell stops ringing we walk quietly and quickly to the line. We get into a proper line. A line should be silent, still, straight and smiling. Every day at little and big break there will be a competition called Line An Lae. The best class from the different yards will be awarded a point for having the best line. This will decided by the teacher on yard. When a class gets 10 points they get to have an extended yard time.

Time Out Zones                                                                                        

Each yard will have a time out zone. Children who choose to break the rules will be asked to stand in the Time Out Zone. Teacher on yard will tell the children how long they have to stay in the time out zone.

We all went out onto yard to practise. It went really well. Mr Kearins and all the teachers were very impressed. Let’s hope it lasts !!!