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Standardised Tests

May 8, 2021

Guidance has been issued from the Department of Education, that standardised testing will be carried out as normal for this academic year. The Department acknowledges that the pandemic and the school closures will have a significant effect on this year’s results, and this must be kept in mind when we are looking at the results for the children in the different areas. We will be testing the children in classes 1st to 6th this week. We are aiming for Tuesday the 11th, Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th of May. Drumcondra Reading, Drumcondra Maths and Drumcondra Spellings are the tests we will be using. Please continue to keep your child at home if they are unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid-19, irrespective of the fact that testing may be happening on that day. Results of the Standardised tests will be communicated in school reports going home in June,